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Desarrollo Web Fuerteventura

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Desarrollo Web Fuerteventura

TIVAS offers ACER laptop computers at an incredible price. Contact our computer sale staff.

Online educationformation

TIVAS brings to you the latest technologies on online formation. Including streaming video technology, permitting you deliver long video without extensive downloads, and an exclusice technology to publish conferences on the web.


TIVAS SL, is an engineering company specialized on extremely complex web site development, based on extensive knowledge on multimedia technologies.

Our activities include:

The importance of engineering

In TIVAS we focus on the engineering scope that must be given to any type of project that comes to our hands. The importance that nowadays a company's web site has demands this treatment.

To adopt an engineering stance results in several advantages over the quick and dirty semiprofessional trends that reigns nowadays:

  1. Engineering supplies a series of phases previous to the "physical" development of the site. These phases greatly reduces the complexity and enhances the speed in the updating process of the site.
  2. Our stance bases the development of the site on a communication process with the client, which guarantees complete satisfaction and helps develop a mutual trust relationship.
  3. The development of oir projects do not finish with the first version of the site. Here at TIVAS we make sure we deserve your trust making all the necesary changes and updates you find necessary. Expanding the standard concept of maintenance.
Desarrollo Web Fuerteventura Desarrollo Web Fuerteventura Desarrollo Web Fuerteventura