English courses

TIVAS SL also offers english courses to small groups in Puerto del Rosarios. Visit our formation section for more details.

MultimediaAlojamiento web Fuerteventura

Besides the characteristics listed here TIVAS has specialized in creating multimedia content for your web site. This way your project will become instantle more atractive and useful. Always using the latest technologies available.

TIVAS web sites

TIVAS applies on all projects an engineering process, this is why our products have a number of characteristics sadly not seen very often in the semiprofessional environment that is so common nowadays. Some of these characteristics are:

  • Addition and positioning in search engines: today it is equally important to have a quality web site for your company than to be on the top spots on the main seach engines. Here at TIVAS we are aware of this and design our web sites optimizing their content for better positioning on the main search engines (Google, MSN Search, Yahoo, etc).
  • Cutting edge hosting: all TIVAS projects are hosted on top-of-the-line servers, to make sure your web site's hosting service is optimal. Our servers stand out on esencial aspects such as speed and stability. Making sure your web site is completly available at all times.
  • Professional design: in TIVAS we take special care on the graphic design of our projects resulting as atractive as light-weight for dowanload. We believe your website should be open to the widest range of users, therefore the experience of visiting your web site should be the same for broadband users and dial-up users.
  • Highly complex sites: here at TIVAS we have a commitment to technology, our staff is on continuous reseach on the new technologies available and the best way to apply the to your projects. You can browse some of our technologies on the technologies section.
  • Quick and simple updates: one of the principles of engineering is the optimization of the projects so the inevitable updates are handled as quickly and less painfully as possible. TIVAS strictly applies this principle through adherence to world wide web standards and the use of advanced programation techniques
  • Continuous client satisfaction: as a client you have the right to complete satisfaction on your project, that is why in TIVAS its not enough to create your web site just as you wished from the start, we also guarantee a constant maintenance so your project keeps as active as you require.

As you can see trusting in TIVAS for your project can report several benefits. Contact us, share your project with us and enjoy the advantages of engineering.

Alojamiento web Fuerteventura Alojamiento web Fuerteventura Alojamiento web Fuerteventura